UX Group Update

Feb 06, 2017

UX Workshop


  • Adding issues to the board


    A single column overwhelmed with thousands of cards, filtering the whole board to try and find the issues you are looking for.


    Now, you get an experience optimized to browse, search and filter to find and add just the issues you want to the board.

  • Polishing the Search bar

    Usability test conducted with 5 users. Created 20 issues highlighting the issues they ran into and what we can improve. (#26945).

    Continuing to improve upon the new experience. (#25913). Adding token styling, moving to Merge Request page, and many other improvements.

  • Refining the Merge Request widget


      Unorganized information hierarchy, status not clear, important elements are hidden, visual clutter and unclear relationships between elements, inconsistency across states

    Just some of the related issues: #24559, ee#894, ee#411, #13411, #23785, #25140, #21135, #26001, #25569, #25139, #26944, #18292, #26896, #25330


    Ongoing work, understanding all of the states, and being deliberate with the information hierarchy.
    See the disscusion: #25424,

  • Improving Slack/Mattermost integration

  • Sharing with the community


    Designing for the Modern Developer

    Team hosted a webcast. Read recap.


Improved process

  • Scheduling

    UX work has been ready at the start of the releases for the last several releases.

  • Documenting

    Actively documenting decisions as they are made in the UX Guide

  • Staging

    Developing a thoughtful approach to breaking down large features into small iterations

Working on

  • Navigation is a strength for the GitLab experience

    • 1. The information architecture is well organized and logical: #25386 (9.0)

    • 2. The visuals feel intentional, polished, and adapt well to responsive screen sizes: Some great discussions: !7547, #26211, some recent visual polish: #24149

    • 3. The interaction is smooth, dependable, and easy: Some good discussions, but more work needed

  • Visually polished and consistent

    • 1. Recent work on consistency for common controls, such as labels, badges, dropdowns, buttons and links #25518, #25564, #24063, #24150, #24062

    • 2. Added animations to smooth out the experience: #24831

    • 3. Continuing to brainstorm and create other issues to improve our polish (#27549). Feel free to join effort. Check out the UX Polish label.

  • Issue board as a workflow tool

  • Standardize the settings pages views

  • Update global sidebar to dropdown

  • Responsive tables

  • Personal and Project Dashboards

Stalled. Need developer =)

Issues with great UX, and excited users.

  • Burndown Chart

  • Multiple assignees

  • Branch name when using "new branch" button in issues


Any questions?